About us

Our Vision

The vision of the Jodi Mattes Trust is of a world in which disabled people enjoy full cultural equality. In this world disabled people hold both equal access to information and cultural experience through and within digital media, and equal opportunity as participants, creators, co-creators, artists and employees in the cultural sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the cultural equality of disabled people through the use of accessible digital media; the provision of accessible information and learning content; the involvement of disabled people in the process of creation, design and evaluation of digital media.

History of the Awards

The Jodi award
The Jodi Award

The Jodi Awards were set up by the Museums Computer Group in 2002. The first award was announced at an RNIB conference in 2003. The judging panel included Fiona Marshall, who had been Jodi’s line manager at the British Museum, Marcus Weisen, a colleague of Jodi’s at RNIB and Nick Poole, today’s Collections Trust Director, who were then working for the Museums Archives & Libraries Council.

Trustees Matthew Cock and Ross Parry were founder members of the Jodi Awards Committee in 2006 and of the Jodi Mattes Trust in 2008. Marcus Weisen became the Trust’s first Director.

The Awards were extended to Wales in 2006, when CyMAL became a supporting organisation. They were extended to Scotland on 2008, thanks to the support of Museums Galleries Scotland, Scottish Libraries and Information Council (website now archived) and the Scottish Archive Network.  The Awards are now UK-wide.

The first International Award was given in 2009.

Who we are

The Jodi Awards are run by a committee of volunteers drawn from the museum and heritage sector.